Dave Crawford

Sylvia! So nice to find this site and to see you are still producing. You probably remember me from your Iowa City days. I cherish my collection of your work. If you're still in touch with David Cohen, please extend a hello to him for me.


Diane C Lowe

I used to work for Bob Heggestad over a period of years in Washington DC at the National Press Building and the Southern Building - I always enjoyed coming back to work for him partly because of your dynamic and intense art on the walls throughout his lawfirm. Thanks for making my time with him that much better!


Alan Swanson

Sylvia, I always love to see the wonders you have created. I'm proud to have two, and my favorite remains right above my piano, where I see it most often! You are amazing. Alan


Allison Corbin Walter

Sylvia - When I was a poor college student in Iowa City, you sold me an etching. It was the best purchase that I ever made! To this day, that etching is the focal point in the living room of my home. I take every opportunity to talk about your fabulous work and tell your story. Love, love your website and view it often.

Stephen Guy, seattle wa

brava! wonderful to see the range and depth of the body of your work on the web, but the real power of your art can only be experienced by living with your dynamic expressions.



Syl's Collage's are MAGICAL!!! Real nice website; obviously a lot of time & effort has been put into this!


Olgateresa Gonzalez

My friend Bobby Sardell turned me on to your site. Thank you. Wonderful body of work and an inspiration.


Jeff Mixdorf

Syl, nice improvement to your site. It's really wonderful to be able to browse your collection. Well done! Jeff


Morty Sklar



Flo McCallister(non-registered)

Syl - you amaze me each and every time... outstanding work


Christine Costigan

Syl, this is a great addition to showcase your work. It's well done and I am enjoying as if I am having a private gallery tour. Once again I am amazed by your energy and talent. Go girl!



Keith cole

Great to see this up and running. Looking forward to many great things to come - I would love to scheme a show in Shanghai.....


Robert I. Gosseen


The beauty and power of your work never fails to astound you. My wife and I have 13 of your works in
our Florida apartment. Everything is stark white, including the floor tiles, highlighted by Persian
tribal rugs and - best of all - your black and white works, frame to frame, filling virtually every wall.

It's a joy to open the door and walk in. We feel it every time.

We love you, Syl, and thank you for sharing your artistic vision with us.


Bill Smith

We spend hours watching your beautiful thrilling collage. It has taken over our house.


Matthew Peters

Looks Great Syl!


Suzanne Burgess Greco

Sylvia, nice, dynamic website.